Metridium giganteum

ObservationsObservations of this species.

Metridium giganteum (Fautin, Bucklin, & Hand, 1989)

Common name(s):
Sun anemone, frilled anemone, powder puff anemone, white-plumed anemone

10 - 100 cm high, to 10cm in diamater at base. Subtidal individuals may be up to 1 meter in height.

From Alexander Archipelago, Alaska south along Pacific coast of North America through California.

Typically subtidal in bays or open water. Most commonly attached to firm substrate, such as pilings and mollusc shells.

Commonly opaque white, occassionally salmon orange.

Commonly misidentified as M. senile. Compared with M. senile, M. giganteum is less translucent in color, its column mesoglea is thicker and stiffer and its height to width ratio is much larger. M. senile reproduces asexually as well as sexually. M. giganteum normally reproduces only sexually.

Life History:
This species lives many years. It generally reproduces sexually.

Natural History:
They are carnivorous and capture and digest animal prey with their nematocysts.

Pisaster spp., and various Nudibranchia.

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Suggested Reading:

Fautin, D.G., Bucklin, A., & C. Hand. 1989. Systematics of sea anemones belonging to the genus Metridium (Coelenterata: Actiniaria), with a description of M. giganteum, new species. Wasmann J. Biol, 47:77-85.

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